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    Default Aesima's Gallery

    I started doing GFX again in 2013 after being motivated by Vanesinger, I did one of those GFX school things to improve and remove rust and wala.
    I am no Pro, I just enjoy making stuff.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Only a real pro would deny how pro they are. Awesome stuff.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Code fucked up.. gonna update post soon.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    nice gallery you got up there.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Thanks. I need to be less messy though.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    added a watch on deviant.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Taking notes now,my style has been up and down, I want to ask you guys what needs improvement? If you want, Point out which sig stood out to you the most and which was my lowest point? Between the two, where did I improve? Where do I need to improve?
    Tips, Advice, Tut links all are welcome.

    I'm asking this because I feel I have been regressing and getting sloppy at my work. Please no troll or insulting comments.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Damn that's some good stuff. And good to see you back man. ;)

    And as for the three signatures, for me the two on the top stands out and the one on the bottom isn't that good when compared to the two above? Maybe because it's a bit too messy compared to the other two from what I'm seeing. Ehh, can't really give tips and shit though because I don't think I have something useful/interesting to say. I'm not making graphic arts anyway.

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Freestyle DA ID

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Asuka

    Kekkai Sensen - Leonardo Watch

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    King of Fighters - Duck King

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Freestyle 15

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    Default Re: Aesima's Gallery

    Genius Party

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