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    That's good to know.
    I would come here more often too if there were more of those things that interest me. As long as there are good threads and good people, I'm interested. And yeah, real life can be annoying!
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    I may be able to get on later ^^ I have an appointment later today so I'll try get on later~
    Well differences happen and I myself wasn't doing very well mentally so things happened. Thanks :)
  3. I'm fine thanks. I've completed the test! :D But I'll have some next week, too. And I should buy Xmas presents.

    What CD? Something good KPOP? ^^
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    LOL nope you arn`t teddy...if yes then I am ***.... hahaha
  5. New avatar! Like it! ;)

    How are you?
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    Oww... I guess I missed it. Happy belated birthday! That is if it means anything to you right now.
    I've been busy in real life, and I've also lost a good deal of interest over Nihonomaru, so I don't come so often.
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    Sorry I'm late but Happy Birthday Rits. Hope you had fun.

    P.S That is one cool picture in your profile avatar.
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    See ya later champ.
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    I managed to eventually figure out how to pull of such a complex action. :L
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    It's pretty catchy. :)
    How do you put videos on your profile? I can't find out how to do it.
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    They are a crazy band! I like the cover of the album it's bloody wicked.
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    Gotta admit i like the fusion genre as well, it's quite kewl.
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    I don't mind pop goes punk, it's clearly better sounding to me.
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    I can't stand pop i think it's vile. :P
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    I've never heard of them, although they look like something i wouldn't listen to.
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    Yeah i've been ok thanks for asking young flamboyant princess. I'm just playing a PS3 game the now, what are you upto?
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    nya~ *glompies Seto-chan*
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    Oh sorry i never said Happy Birthday, better late than never eh? Happy B/Day big man XD. ANother month of pure Seto is gonna be mento. :L
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    Where have you been hiding lately? I've not seen you on in a couple of days. =(
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    LOL yes somehow a lot ppl like it...but also somehow no wants to get red her/himself XDDD
    I hope you had a lot fun teddy ^_~
    M birthday I enjoyed in silence ...I like it that way XD

    O.O Soooooo old teddy? hahahaha
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About Sun Seto

Basic Information

Date of Birth
November 29, 1987 (30)
About Sun Seto
About Me:
Here comes the Australian from aussieland!

I have the most beautiful family in the entire world, who I am blessed to have as my own! I am quite opinionated on a lot of worldly subjects.

I tend to not speak much, unless I have something to say that is relevant to me and those around. I am deeply religious. If you can't accept that, then we shouldn't be mates!

I'm an enthusiastic lover of all things Art. I have tried my hand at painting and drawing before. To moderate success in both parts.

I am a gifted poet, though I do not say this openly.
I just say I am very good at poetry and leave it that.

I do possess mental illness issues. But that has never stopped me from doing what I love to do in life. I believe in being a friend to all, unless pushed. Then I am your worst nightmare!

I really love music and listen to quite a few different genres.
I don't wish to be one of those "one genre" type people, just my opinion only!

I have many friends who I consider "real" to me and I love them an awful lot.
Truth be told. I am "very" openly homosexual. I don't like to be judged or ridiculed for it.
I am who I am and if you don't like it, that's not my problem!

I do consider myself a big fashionista!
I believe "if you dress good, you feel good"
as much as that is a cliche'

Yes I am a twin and proud of it! Though we're fraternal and not identical.
I will always be the prettier twin I reckon hehe

Lastly. I myself, am mixed race. "Eurasian" I address as
My heritage is Thai, Norwegian, Irish, Scottish and English.

I just confirm as "Thai-Norwegian Australian" to save time and effort. Also it's the two most dominant genes from my bloodline.
Video Games
The Occult
Devil Worshipping (Theistic Satanism)
Married to:
Satan aka the Devil
Poet (up and coming)
Contact Information:
Favorite Quotations:
"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."
Dieter Rams

"Evolution has programmed our brains to find two things particularly interesting, and therefore memorable: jokes and sex - and especially, it seems, jokes about sex."
Joshua Foer

"I write quite a lot of sonnets, and I think of them almost as prayers: short and memorable, something you can recite."
Carol Ann Duffy
Favorite Character:
Sun Seto
Sora Naegino
Karin Maaka
Tomoyo Sakagami
Favorite Music:
Death Metal
Black Metal
Thai Pop (String)
Favorite Movie:
Case 39
The Uninvited
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
S. Darko
Currently Watching:
When I watch one this space will be filled... :p
Country Flag:
Profile Intro Title:
Blamed for Extreme Music Tastes and Opinions on the World
Profile Intro Text:
[color=red]Currently in the works of setting up shop at home, for a poetry business. Pleased as punch so far, but still a work in progress![/color]


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