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    Mmm not well, it's documented somewhere on here. how about you?
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    lol you're fucking too cool for school, dude.

    I know. I saw some stupid post on facebook saying "What's there not to like about Country music? It's all about party, quadding, drinking and etc". It's because that's what 90% of it's about. It's just shitty. I ain't no elitist either, if it has a funky beat or whatever, I'm down. Country songs typically do not. I grew up on 90s country, where it was more rock-ish with less twang. MAN 90s GARTH BROOKS WAS THE SHIT, and still was lyrically country. I'd love to listen to more music but I can't find anything new that I like. The biggest problem for me is I can't find new stuff and I get sick of what I listen to all the time. Like I said earlier, you sound pretty hot, I'd love for you to tie me up sometime ;b
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    I don't have shitty taste in music? What makes you think that? What kind of music do you listen to? I listen to pretty much everything except modern country music and most modern pop that repeats a million times on the radio. I don't listen to much metal or music like that anymore, my old crow ears are too fragile for too much of it nowadays. Tu sais que je voudrais enculer ta mère avec mon drole gode ceinture. ;)

    If you want to get better, there are lessons! My girlfriend went to some and she ties me up like a pro. I can barely tie my shoes, I can't fucking tie anyone up. My knots end up a tangled mess that requires major corrective surgery to get it untangled. heh, quarry in place. You can still get your jolies from the boy scounts, just be more into lil boys.

    I do, but I hate being bothered by idle chat when I'm doing shomething or playing a game. Asynch works better for my alcoholism, frequent drug use, sex and rock and roll lifestyle. Yeah this site tends to freeze a shitton on me too, not sure what the deal with that is, I blame Rinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    I also have reason to believe that the shaft of your penis doesn't exist and only the head does. please e-rectify. OHHHHHHHHHHHH GET IT???? I DID.
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    I always did! You don't know much about me? But you saw me naked, c'mon, that's all you really need ;b Take prom off like a bandaid or popping a cherry, make the awk go away.YOu can sexually harass me if you'd like~

    All I got from that was 'I'm cool pls don't go further and see the real me'.

    My turn!

    I am Natalie.

    I'm a sweetheart ?_?

    My part time job is a front for my riches and prostitution ring and bitches.

    uhhhhhhh ?_? I like boobs and dicks and video games of all types, puppies, uhhhhhh idk I'm not great at this.

    I'm into much more than shibari.

    You went from fuckable to instant fuck when you made that post in the fetish thread. A guy version of my girl, that's pretty rad.

    You're cool I like you.
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    Hey, comments should go in the comment thread not the pic thread.
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    hello :)
    so sorry for noticing your contribution to the Shop so late..thank you very much :)
    i hope you will be around here cos i plan to have a sig giveaway and will use some of your works. if they get requested, i'd like you to make the edits like adding username on the :)

    i'm so happy to see such wonderful works!
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    Yare,yare,you're underestimate yourself,since every Artist is great and unique on their own way.So just because you consider yourself a lazy one,that won't change the fact that the skills are inside of you.
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    Impressive works you've posted in the Shop,the only thing wich makes me wonder that why didn't i've bumped into such a great Artist earlier.
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