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  1. Well, I think could be something like a New Game+, it feels like I played thousands hours of a game, but the sequel doesn't give a single gift for it.
  2. Think of it as a new journey !!
  3. Holy Shit...
  4. Manually for threads, i won't import anything to the new forum. So all members will have to register new accounts.
  5. Accounts will not be transfered, and how do we can transfer threads?
  6. Yap, after giving you guys a 2 week notice if others wants to transfer any thread to the new forum.
  7. That was unexpected, so, this one will be closed?
  8. It will be a new forum from Zero!! :)
  9. So, we're moving again. It's gonna be a new forum from the zero, or it's gonna be like the last time?
  10. Hi Kurosaki! I know i and few like the anime pic thread, once we move to the new forum, i will leave this forum open for few days in case some members wants to transfer few things from one place to another. The other forum we will start fresh and it is working with better php and bugs free.
  11. Oh! Thanks for telling me, I'd never find this thread there
  12. Hey Kurosaki! I've relocated the picture corner forum

  13. I also want to know what happened
  14. What happened to this thread :) http://forum.nihonomaru.com/niho-bat...302132/page148 you have some really nice pic!
  15. They're waiting for you to continue the game! (: http://forum.nihonomaru.com/everythi...e.348060/page5
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