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  1. Deadly tired XD But fine, thank you :)
  2. fine as always ^^ and you?
  3. How is it going? :)
  4. oh... hello!!
  5. Hi, it's been ages!!
  6. Ah. *laughs*
    Oh, see you later!!
  7. no problem, they've already seen me xD hehehe

    Its Time to go to home, bye
  8. Ahahahah! Well, that's for sure! But watch out, it wouldn't be good if they found you on here!
  9. I'm "working" right now understand, so better still spend time in the forum :3
  10. Yeah, that surely is a good way to spend time. My mornings are spent sleeping, but afternoon and night, during evening I try to do other things, you know, not to be swallowed into the pc completely, I pass them here, eheh.
  11. without doubts, I spend all morning just in the thread "EVERYTHING / NOTHING"
  12. Then my three-days-guess was right, ah! Well, it's obvious, there are a countless number of funny topics, the fact of clubs was new to me yet very catchy. This site is really well done, there's no way it could be empty.
  13. hahaha xD ... it's true, makes one month that I entered the forum but every day has a funny people posting here.
  14. Posting around a little, having conversations with some users, having fun. Internet is starting to get boring, but this forum looks full of people and funny at which ever hour of the day and which ever period of the year! Well, I cannot say that for sure, since it's just my third day here, ahahah!
  15. hey, what you doing on the forum?
  16. Ahah, yeah, for sure!
  17. he he he problably xD
  18. Eheh, I see. Once a friend of mine asked me that and I replied saying "It causes Pinocchio's implosion".
  19. yeah, i see this in somewhere so I decided to use here
  20. Hello there. Sorry for my intrusion, so suddenly, but I couldn't help but notice the thing you wrote up there (If Pinocchio said that his nose will grow,what will happen?). It's epic.
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