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  1. They think that a post in your timeline is enough
  2. Yeah. Birthdays stop being parties when you're older, but some special food or a cake doesn't hurt nobody!
  3. When you get too "old" that's what happens
  4. Nothing special at all? No celebration?
    Cool emoticon!
  5. like a normal day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. So, how was your birthday?
  7. thanks!!!....i'm fine
    and I was changing my avatar
  8. Happy birthday Kurosaki! How have you been?

    I still stand by my last point, by the ways.
    Oh and... What happened to your avatar?
  9. You're not the one to talk much, are you?
  10. yeah........
  11. So, it's morning in your place?
  12. its starting now... lol
  13. Yeah, lol.

    So, how was your day today?
  14. just for a while hehe..xD
  15. Well... Yeah... Unless you have other awesome things in the travel to make up for it. If there are cool things to visit, you may even forget about the Internet for a while.
  16. no one can't live without the internet nowadays
  17. One thing that a lot of my travels miss is the Internet. If the travelling experience is good, it doesn't feel that bad, but it's still annoying how it's tough to get a personal connection to the Internet in some places even now.
  18. awesome but I was a long time without internet =/
  19. Oh, I see. So, how did the traveling go?
  20. Hi... I was traveling and I just got back
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