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    i'm okay now XD less tired but now i'm bored ><
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    i hope you get well soon too! i'm feeling better now XD i've been avoiding the doctor but yesterday i went anyway. but i guess it's okay XD
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    Come and join if you'd like .::Bunny Storm Gift::.
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    Come and vote if you have time please:)
    Sotw #316 Poll

    Thank you!
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    yeah and i still am, but it isn't as bad as 2 weeks ago >,< though i feel a lot tired nowadays
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    hello~!i'm okay just got a bit sick.i think my body is getting weaker. >,<
    how about you??
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    I wanted to say hi, and how ya doing?
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    hiya Kai. :3
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    Because I'm drunk D:
    Don't be pissy! I'm off school because I can't afford it atm D:
    Have other things to worry about ._____.
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    Nice profile yo! And look, I didn't run away from the sight of love XD
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    heheh, i didn't add them this time, i was caught up in work when i made the poll, will fix it XD
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    Its no bother at all, skype is where all the juice is XD
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    its gonna be hell for me near end month = publication collection date -> Feb Edition release

    Need to balance the teams for those who joined guessing game II, overall content is much better than January, more member's for better teamwork. If you have skype i can drop random updates XD
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    *pouts* D:
    Nah don't worry you're not annoying me…..Not yet hohohohohohooo~~ >D
    Wow but that sounds suckish D:
    I'm guessing you don't have the time to sleep or rest some??? Surely there has to be at least one good thing to have happened. Though I know shitty days like that do exist as I've had a few of them myself ._____.

    My life's been okay I guess. But speaking of love I just finished submitting my Valentine's spinoff for the niho newspaper. It's probably not exactly romance material……but it's the theme that counts! I'm not fond of love and shizzzz but that doesn't mean everything is going to be miserable and down. So I decided to have fun with it instead!
    But that's what I've been doing with my life as of late. Since I'm not in school atm, I have some free time to spare on my artwork and story. It's pretty relaxing ~*__*~
    I'll stare at your profile anyway. Why not??? Love pictures can be sometimes pretty!
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    Hey, hey! I may have all this love and shit, but that doesn't mean I like to hug people. I'm like a cat. I don't want to be held but people keep hugging me anyway XD

    Hmm maybe you're right though I don't think too much about things like that. I just like to….go with the flow *___*
    Oooohh look at me speaking all cool and shit ~*__*~

    But how's your day been??
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    Hmm…. Well I have love. I have a lot of of love to give! Just not romantically :D
    But……I guess that might be me in a nutshell. I guess in your eyes I'm a cold bitch huh??? XD
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    You bet your sweet ass it was! It was absolute horror! There were couples everywhere! XD
    That aside, it's another day for me as well. I did go over to a friend's house and had some drinks. We were playing Team Fortress 2 while we were drinking then I got to see him play Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 Ep1. That was pretty fun.

    Oh jeez….. I wish I had some booze right now D:
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    It's raining SHIT! Probably one of the most disturbing things to ever happen XD
    We had a snow storm. Then as soon as that finished we had a thunderstorm. So the snow didn't stick to the ground like I had hoped D:

    So how was your valentines?? :o
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    i guess so~ but my deepest darkest secret should never ever be revealed *insert dramatic BGM*

    *puurrs* patting my head usually makes me calm XD and sleepy XD
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    NOOOOOOOOOOO ;;___;;
    *dramatically fall down on the ground*

    i've been...really stressed ;;___;;
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This Award is given to those who help a many members of Anime-Fall with their requests in the request sections or any other sections.
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