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  1. Yoo... I added you on FB :).... Ill see you there Bilal
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    I'm good, just been busy with stuff around the house.
    how about you?
  3. Happy Ramadan :3
    Hope this Ramadan comes with Happiness Success Peace and Love with lots of Blessing to you and your family :)
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  5. Wishing you happy EID bilal and sorry for Delays.. ^^
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    hy bilal.. how are you..?? and me umm nothing much ..
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    Hey, I was wondering, but what was your gif signature from before from? It was cool. ^^
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    Please refer to the Signature rules here: http://forum.nihonomaru.com/f123/sig...-rules-185804/
    Put simply a a GIF of 4MB causes page loading problems. Thank you.
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    thats good to hear/read, I dont forget I just forget to go on this website im not really active lately D:
  10. Naaa.. I know its sunnah but but I never did with my own,.
    In fact I run and hide in my room.. >_> which seems to be bad..
    So probably this Eid I'll be the slayer.. and I wish I wish our prayers fulfilled ^^

    Thanks again and you to enjoy ^^
  11. hahahaha MAN ur funny and that is sooo sweet ^^

    Gives him warm hug... Wish you have blessing and success..
    Thanks billal.. though My DAD.. >_> he is more evil..
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    alright and busy i guess sorry for the late reply not really active on this forum; and what about you?
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    -Or some people have a solid understanding of reasoning. If you have read at least half of the stuff I've posted in this forum, you'd have know who you were dealing with in the first place.
    -I look at it this way- do whatever you want and so will I. I see respect as an earned thing and not a given, so continue to do what you do.
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    -People learn to differentiate, it's a natural part of life the ensures one's survival. But yeah, people are still animals and are subject to many similarities as the other animals - see Darwin's works on the study of life from the Galapagos Islands.
    -I hate you? Nope, I just act accordingly- ie. someone sends me something I find offensive, I reply in kind. >:D I hate sheikh Deedat? Nope, I just think the sheikh is irrelevant.
    -Nah, the video stays because I find the content of the video entertaining. My profile, my enjoyment....most of the time. The video does not pollute, it reinforces the types of things I enjoy. So, I enjoy the act....what does it matter of the actor? And if being "dumb" encompasses getting millions of dollars a year for doing a job I like....SIGN ME UP!!! (Do you even know how much work and intelligence it takes to come up with material people will enjoy watching, really?)
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    -So many things in this life you just do not understand. :l
    -And yes you a philosophizer, if you weren't, you would not have used just a quote-a mere try at word play.
    -"True Atheists" do exist, along with many other combinations of beliefs.
    -I said I was Christian? You need to learn to read and understand what is said. If you can not do that with the simple answers I have given you, how could you ever even begin to understand the teachings of one you follow. >:D
    -Why? Because people like me exist? I'm the type of person who helps or avoids as I choose, just like every other person on this world.
    -Read carefully.
  16. Hey Bilal how have you bee..
    Me I am good running eating doing some gym working and preparing for EID.. :)

    How have you been? family and hows ur life are you on facebook..??
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    just because of that?
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    Achievers always expose themselves, if they did not...no one would ever notice them in the first place. They take a risk with an idea and work on finding a result, sometimes not the one they intended. The achievements are USUALLY independently reviewed for accuracy but pushed forward by the achiever.Who is sad? I see no such person(s).
    If one can not make a decision when they are angry, they would die. As you present it, being angry one can NOT- breathe, think, move....they would just cease.
    Or just think decisions through, knowing what risks are there and risk(s) if one feels ready for what comes(or doesn't come).

    Dead is dead. What remains after death of a person is the MEMORIES others had of the person, nothing more.
    Was alive but is now dead, accurate. Records of his actions and the MEMORIES of others are all that "live on" until they cease to exist as well.
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    I see no clown, I see a person making a point a different way because SOME people get "hurt feelings" if one were to actually show the flaws in their beliefs(which are man made anyways >:D ).
    Who cares about the Toy, it's the points that the comedian brings up that are the most important.
    I never screw up, I point out flaws and show people the error of their ways within whatever rules that are in place at the time, much like with science.

    A lamp is a man made creation for the specific purpose of giving off light and occasionally heat when needed. Actually, the lamp is introduced by a person because they- lit the lamp, they bought the lamp, they are using the lamp for heat/light, the lamp was dug up from the ground when the land grew over it....etc......
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    It would be appreciated if you would be more polite in your requests.
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