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    My phone is kind of broken, but not really, it's just keeps on doing this weird thing kind of like shaking the screen so it's hard to read and use it. I haven't been on Skype for a while but if ai appear to be online it's because I am logged in from my phone although I don't really use it. Ugh. Probably need to buy a new one. T.T With Christmas coming and all, I need more money!

    How are you anyway? :)
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    *pokes!* Mwahaha!
  3. AHUSAHUH yeh yeh xD
    actually I'd like to play, but things like time and money are a little hard to find atm xD
    HAHAHA yeh! xD for us BrKsEDU is really famous, but some dont like him D:

    I gave my "donation" :D lots of smile and thanks xDHAUSHUASH
    ppl say that when u star making money, you cant stop anymore o.O ahuahsuahs
    pots pots <3 yeh, wnat some nee? *u*
  4. it IS a compliment <3
    Exactly!!! hahhahahah ppl usually say this: "so, why dont YOU play instead?!" xD
    oh well, its like watching a movie with comments xD
    yeah! I went to the great mage and he revived me <33
    oh so nice nee! :D I need to mak emoney too D: ahsuhasush ah.. I am just dying on my uni things ahhaha
  5. ahhaha azka nee is such a nerd :3
    I like to watch gameplays on youtube now XD
    yeeeh! and I died this holiday xD what nee usually do?
  6. oh, azka nee sleeping so soon nowadays? :33 hauhsuauh
    really nice for me! :D just tired from teh long holiday xD
  7. oh oh! azka nee is online <3
    how u doing ma belle? :3
  8. azka-neeeee !!! <3
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    in my case, it's a drainage. but there's a suspicion that it would be made into apartment instead
    i never move out before. i've been in the same house since i was born.

    other than living place, i actually really need to change work place too,
    i really can't bear the people anymore, they're shit
    from religion, political view, and private life, they like to interfering. but if i move, there's no guarantee that the people won't be the same
    not to mention that they like dump small tasks but consuming time to me, but not to they who in the same year with me. and several lasts verbal sexual harassment.

    only read several books, well it's good and bold, just like homonculus.
    it's taken from famous novel about Musashi.
    The movie is not bad I guess, close to faithful with the novel.
    I used to like Fumofu to, i watch it when I was in elementary grade, now I watch it again, it's reek with hetero love. lol

    oooh it's a cute tradition~
    valentine is just like monday to me, everyday is monday to me, hahhahaha, what about your valentine?
    when is? yeah.. it's past.

    dunno? got LINE? Facebook? Tumblr? all other forum also like graveyard now
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    Mhm... and another term start again, I might have to find boarding house, since govt. wants my house lol?
    They're pretty much so

    Thank You, Please don't regret it hahahahahaha

    Yeah, the mangaka other manga "Vagabond" is really in different style of plot, probably because it taken from Real historical Novel about Musashi
    Nope, as Fujoshi, I want him to be happy lololol
    I've been start to read Harry Potter again too, probably because the hype of the latest installment.

    What is Groundhog? Valentine is passed too hahahahahahhaha.

    whoaaa nooo, if that's happened, i have to find out other way to talk with you.
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    Long time no see, life's get me again :"(
    Yeah, yeah he is like that XD, and since he's one of the biggest donator mods let him lol.

    Haha yeah, I'll do my best to survive :))
    I wonder, if it's not safe i don't think it's sane

    the mangaka like it that way I guess, the one when he's having sex with himself is reaaly disturbing
    I kinda pity that beautiful man

    and now is past new yeary too
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    Happy New Years Azka! and best wishes, may this year be a great one for you!
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    Azka! hope u had a great Baka Christmas xD
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    Merry X'mas!!!
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    Your inbox is full!!!! Delete some messages!

    It's already Christmas here! I ate a lot so had to get a cup of coffee in the middle of the night. :D Anyway, how are you? How will you celebrate Christmas there? I will be waiting for kids to swarm here and get their presents and money gifts! :D It was fun wrapping those gifts though. ^^

    Merry Christmas! I hope the day will be filled with happiness and love for you and your family! :*

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    something virtual lolol.
    yeah, i do remember some of us really like to change his name for every whim he has lolz

    well more like "tough now, and i have to make sure it's gonna worth it when it finished" kind
    very useful, especially for kept me being sane :/

    very strange, may i add that i till the end still can't figure is he really can read people after the surgery or he is just turn crazy.

    we are heading for christmas next :))
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    I haven't opened it yet but will do later. I hope to catch you there! :)

    Hahahaha. Well, too bad for you I guess? :P
    So, is the snow coming or already there? It's raining a bit while I was writing this but still it's not cold. Not very Christmas-y cold yet. And damn you Chris! >.< It feels summer here all year long except when there's rain/storm/typhoon ofc or sometimes around late December or early/late January when it becomes cold (the time of the year I so love!). Autumn seems kind of troublesome. Haha.
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    Hey there! :D My Skype's been hanging on me more often than not so I'm not really using it these days but will always try to go there if I feel like it. :P
    How are you???
    Are we seriously still talking of snails here? Haha. I haven't seen any recently because it's not raining much again. It feels like summer here. T.T
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    Very Well of you Young Lady~ You Might receive some rewards ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ
    I can see that, but the old people who still here also become hard to recognize,they changed their name 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

    Very busy that I may sometime feel regretting some of my decision, but what is made must be done
    Haha, Happy to heard that, as long as we have money to pay our internet, to hell with them ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

    I see, Scary Stuff

    Oh Yesss! Homunculus, been read them too, start great, end up... weird? lol
    Those seeing is really creepy indeed
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    I'm back!! To Reign My Kingdom Again!! Call me Khaleesi!!
    Lol, Are they? would love to see old friends again :)

    Good... maybe bad...
    Lol, Now I work full time and back to uni again, I study at night from 19.00 to 22.00

    Happy Halloween to you too, I hope yours gonna be fantastic
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