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    Seems to be interesting? Mind telling me more about it :D ?
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    Web developer? Consultants? hahaha
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    Glad to hear that you are doing fine :) , what do you study now?
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    Yeah...kinda being a NEET for several months ady =w=
    Well, still feeling insecure and stuffs etc Orz Feeling so hopeless
    How are you recently? :)
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    Yup :B I remember having to use different characters for the final battle, since my normal characters couldn't win with that system. Grinding was terrible at the end too, such low exp. x_x; Didn't really feel like researching too much for grinding though. xP
    Sometimes they are nice. ¦3 I haven't played many Megaman games beyond the Megaman X games for SNES. :P
    I saw before the second game was mostly translated, not sure if it's enough to play though. Well, I like the Tales battle system. :D The Tales characters tough to beat? I don't I ever tried. xD

    Bizarre/chubby chocobo for Halloween? ahaha x3
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    Yeah, I never really got used to that battle system, just kind of went and hopped for the best. xD It was tough for boss battles, but there's really not much of those.
    Yup, kind of surprised I've only found now, since is kind of old. It seems kind of like Castlevania games to me.
    Oh right! I forgot about those. I played some of the first one before. I think the other two never got an English release? Was kind of fun, not sure why I stopped playing.

    Haha, wonder if I'd be around then to see it too. xP Maybe if the hunters catch him and fatten him up for harvest. :B
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    That doesn't sound too fun, haha.
    Go play the others. ¦3 Yeah, not really hard on any of them. xD
    First for GBC, second for iOS, and they're making third for 3DS/Wii U and I guess a fourth for other systems. :B One I'm playing seems kind of short, but I downloaded for free and it's entertaining me, so I don't mind. XD
    Oh nice. I haven't played a Tales game in forever. Mostly because I don't seem to own any of the consoles they're being released for lately. xP

    Probably until he's an old grey/white chocobo. Or a fat one. x3
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    Yup! :D I can't imagine actually going to Tartarus every night, haha. x3
    Hm, I see. x3
    Being able to choose seems nice. ¦D Suikoden's forever dead character thing didn't seem too bad. They'd only die forever if it was a major/war battle and such.
    So, you might be waiting awhile there. xD
    I started playing Shantae on my iPOD, kind of enjoying so far. ¦3

    He seems pretty tough, surviving those hunters and aliens. :P
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    Hahaha, Headbang Orz...
    Just left my job yesterday, gonna have to think what i wanna do in the future...
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    Yeah. ._.; I took another break from playing. Since was a break in game no social links for me outside the school. xD
    Same here. Kind of feels a waste of that night just to run and find them and leave. xP
    I see. There were remakes of the first two games, too right? o:
    Oh nice! :B I still don't like characters dying forever, haha.
    Is too bad. x3 Maybe if you're off enough they'll give something nice to try and get you back? haha

    Somehow, it looks rather natural. xD
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    Hmm, working and so on, feeling insecure about what I wanted to study in the future though...Orz
    Too much dilemma , insecure... Yesterday just went a Jrock Concert though, now i can't feel my neck anymore
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    Oh nice. PS2 emulator was mostly fine for me. Didn't know was one for PSP, haha. Hm, guide thing said there was 250 or so floors. Still kind of away to go. xB
    Same here, seems best to do that. Then I start waiting to go when someone was stuck and going one go, so it was at least one less time.
    Well, I'll look for or buy if I see it's jail-broken/emulaor-able sometime, haha. Kind of sounds like "enhanced game" or something.
    Gets touch telling sometimes. :s And just thinking save states can be nice in those continuous battles with no free time between. And for Dragon Quest and it's only save points in town. xD
    Ahaha, have you been back yet? Anything free? xP

    Oh yeah, lol@fixing the chocobo color. xD
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    Hahaha, it seems like you are active in here again ^^ What ya doing nowadays?
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    Yeah Niho really changed a lot, I can't believe it's been 4 years since I joined here..
    Hope to see you around then ^^
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    Emulator for PSP? o: Turbo button sure seems helpful. I'm playing the iso on modded PSP. Mine says 58:30, I'm on floor 190. I beat the boss earlier, but die a few floors later. ._.;
    Tartarus kind of annoys me, hate going there anymore. Haha, never like when someone goes in and needs rescued. :S
    I wonder if Vita is mod-able and has other games I might enjoy. xD P4 Golden Anime started last week. Had a few different things from the original, didn't seem like a lot though, so far.
    Dreadful when that happens. I think I learned to always try the normal save first. xB
    Haha, that familiar MMO feeling.
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    Oh thanks! Haha, xP

    Nice. How long did it take? :3
    Haha, :B Sometimes I completely miss great balls. Just kind of using Pokéballs, then not notice and ultra balls will be for sale. xD
    P3 started kind of slow, but really interesting. Then later, it kind felt lacking in plot. I already searched the movie and bookmarked a streaming link of, ahaha. P4 was great, I was rather surprised. Laughed a lot throughout it. Also, P4 Golden is supposed to air next week or so. (: I've had that problem with savestates too. I'd forget if I real saved or stated the next morning, then load the state and be in the wrong place. :B

    So, you stopped there and I stopped on P3P. But now I'm playing again, so you can go level more? ahaha xP
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    I totally vanished. :D

    Same, I'll have enough potions to open my own shop by the end of games. xD
    Quite demotivating and painful sounding. Dx Reminds me on Pokémon X/Y, trying to get the legendary with a certain nature. Capture > watch scene > check nature > reset and repeat, got annoying.
    I actually hadn't done any gaming since the last time I replied messages here. But, I watched Persona Trinity Soul and P4, so kind of inspired me to game more. x3 With Kingdom Hearts, emulator would glitch after a certain boss. Thankfully for save-states though, saved at the end of the battle before the glitch and kept loading until it worked. ¦D

    And, have you been logging lately? Max level yet? (: It was funny running in a time-frozen game, but it made me not play long.
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    I see :) Hahaha those mixed feelings are now ended~ Hahaha the world cup is going to start already isn't it ? time sure passed fast~~it's June already~
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    Those are quite annoying. For me it's always "can't heal, gotta conserve MP for the next battle!" haha xP
    They can be quite helpful. (: It is really nice when games give options to skip things, for second plays and on. Also, on there you can skip the text/scenes, quite nice if you happen to die. :D
    I see, I don't have a Vita. :B From what I've read, P3P seems a lot better than the PS2 version is, wonder if it's the same for P4. I never ran out for PS2, but I filled one or two for PSX. Then things were easy when I started using emulator, just copy+paste a new card file. xD

    But sometimes it feels like the timing is every time you try to log, kind of like the game just doesn't like you. xB Kind of makes me think of when FlyFF was first coming around, I had issues with it. Everything would freeze except my character, I could move and everything. Had to close and reopen, and it happened a lot, so I never got to play much. Oh sure, if I find any, haha. xP
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    Same here. xB It's kind of annoying when the final boss has extra minions you have to battle before the end. I think often, just the last dungeon and the final boss would be enough.
    Haha, they were kind of nice. All optional, and are listed in a menu on the bottom screen, so you can't really miss them.
    Ooh, I see. P4 only have the PS2 version? It is rough when you're using someone elses game. :B Reminds me of when PS2 first came out around here, memory cards weren't being sold anymore, so had to borrow one from a friend for a while.

    I hate that. "Finally time to play! Oh it's down?" "Look it's up! But now I'll sleep!" Or something like that, ahaha. I started reading Magi today, kind of makes me want to play an MMO. xD
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