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  1. Hey there :) Remember me? ;)
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    Happy New Year Ade-chan! May it will be a better year for all of us than last one!
    Yeah, it's kind of sad to see everyone moves on with life. I'm gonna say it until I got bored but I really missed the old forum, ugh.. ;____;
    oh, do you probably use Line or maybe Facebook? Whatsapp I use strictly for work so I tend to ignore it outside working hours LOLZ
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    Ade-chan, how are you???
    I hope you still remember me, but even if you don't it's OK! I've been missing for too long anyway!
    Oh, I just came to say hi! I hope you're having great days!
    I missed this forum so much just as much as I missed you!
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    Sorry to hear about the problems with your phone and laptop! I know what it's like when the wifi won't show T_T What problems does your phone have? o.o
    It seems nothing went wrong at least. I got your message!
    I missed talking with you too.
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    No solutions on the web for it? Backing up and restoring won't fix it? Still won't log Skype anywhere else? :P Or join me in the world of not owning a phone! :D They are pretty expensive. Big plans for spending on Christmas?

    I'm all right. Going through the first Genki book again and back to doing Anki. Reading some books lately too. Carved two pumpkins, today and yesterday. Wanted to dress up for Halloween, but nobody to dress up with. How about you? :3
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    *is poked* Haha, hi there. :B
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    what are you doing? how are you ade? ;)
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    I through you are too buzy to reply ;)
    Am fine and missed you a lot too <3
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    where are you? and how are you ade??? <3
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    surprised? hahaha
    *stil pokes your nose*

    how are you doing ade?
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    *pokes your nose*
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    Thankiees.^-¨/ Huggies and kisses and have a lovely time too.^-^b
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    I didn't know it was full! You have 152 messages stored, of a total 150 allowed. Ahaha, did they lower the amount allowed? I deleted a few though! So, should I expect naughty pics for the nice? Or nice pics for the naughty? >¦)

    Sure sure, use it all up before it makes it here! Coffee to wash it all down? :P I'm doing good, thanks for asking. Wake up early tomorrow, open gifts, help make some food, family will come, they'll open gifts, then we'll have some food around noon. So you have a wait just like us then. :B It is rather fun wrapping gifts. :D

    Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks! I hope the same for you too. :** ¦3
    Is she the Santa that's going to visit me tonight? :P

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    Merry christmas for you too ade <3
    I hope you enjoed it with your family and friends and had a lot fun and joy
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    Merry X'mas!!!
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    Yay! I'm so happy :))

    very busy, very underpaid full time worker and college by the night.
    how's yours? tell me in detail :)

    yeah, kinda sad, no more D., Yuneko, Mucky, is battle cat still around? :'(
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    Nope we can`t sadly, I only would be curious of the reason :(
    Neighter do I, in exactly 7 days I am exactly 5 years here XD
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    You might. (: Some busy days coming though, with Thanksgiving and all. :P

    Seems so. Some nice stuff lost there, including all my Anki progress.
    We had a bit of snow one day, not much though. Usually we tend to have/have had a good bit by now. Maybe it's stocking up until December. :B I saw some rain in our forecast. After six months of below zero you'd probably be happy for that everlasting summer, ahaha. Those are some nice times to like. ¦3 It is a bit troublesome, but pretty. Also, without leaves on the trees the sun gets through better, can be rough for driving.
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    the only places I visit is my Club plus E/N, that was it already :(
    Me is the same, I think we can be lucky that a few friends left at least, yes better then nothing.
    It is only very sad
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A soul that will never rest until there are stories woven by gracious and experimental minds.

A living entrapment of Yaoi fantasies. A loyal devotee of Boys Love. A true-blooded fujoshi until the very end of smexiness.

A river that flows throughout the free words, idealism, opinion and visions.

A fan and follower of women aesthetic.

A struggling writer and gfxer who wants to own her style.
I can be found most of the time in the Red Room of Pain with Grey looking through the BDSM stuffs.
Weaver of words into strings of phrases.
Favorite Quotations:
"I'm not upset that you lied to me. I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time."- Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven
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Killu, Illu and Hisoka
Captain Levi Ackerman
Aomine and Kise
Ageha [Basara]
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It's my messy wonderland~


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