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    Default Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    Playstation 4 has launched like 2 days ago I think? Who bought it and can share their experience with us.

    Few details:

    The PS4 affords owners with the opportunity to upgrade the system's built-in hard drive for larger, faster variants. Sony mandates that the drive is no taller than 9.5mm and has a capacity of at least 160GB, but within those confines, you're free to use any consumer-grade internal drive. However, before you go dropping considerable amounts of cash on an expensive SSD drive, you may want to weigh the cost as compared to the speed benefits. To help advise you on your PS4 storage quest, we ran some tests on the stock drive, an SSHD, and a SSD
    I never knew we can install SSD drives in it, that is really good :) they don't break like regular SAS Drives because they don't have a fan in it.


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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    The PS4 doesn't interest me for the moment as well as any next gen console. The PS4 doesn't have a good line up except Kill Zone but I'm not a big fan of FPS-like games... I'll wait 1 or 2 years to see if the price will drop a little and if better games that suit my taste will be released.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    There is Kingdom Hearts 3 :) only for PS4



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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    That's not the type of rpg I like ^^' I prefer something like Tales of Xillia or Star Ocean 4 if you know those game or turn base rpg. Titan Fall seems to be promising too

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I might get it some day but no right now, Don't really want any of the games nor the system. Unless It turns out to be worth all there bells and whistles!

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    Some day I'll be like that guy in every way possible... but not today.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    Any PS4 uses have any over heating issues or is that just a rumor I heard?

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    The PS4 is already suffering some serious problem like what the XBOX 360 had with her RRoD...

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

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    The OverHeating problem is pretty much occurring a lot with the PS4, the system it has is pretty high so its a given that it will over heat but its the first week so problems are sure to occur.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I don't think I'm ever going to buy a console on launch day ever again. There might come a day where I buy a PS4, but that's going to take some serious exclusives. I don't think the graphics are any better. (Still locked at 30 FPS? Why?????)

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I would love to have one. Unfortunately, the ETA for me is in February 2014....-Dead- It'll definitely be a D1 buy when it's available.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    havent bought one yet, i will likely wait a year or two to see what kind of games are for it, and a price drop wouldnt hurt. for the moment i will stick with my ps3, lots of great games still coming out for it

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    getting mine soon im number 53 on the booking list O.O

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I'll b buying a PS3 1st...........

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I bought a PS VITA (I LOVE it!). :) No PS4 for at least 2 years probably.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    It'd be pointless buying one the now seeing as most of the games are on PS3 already. There's also a chance that the PS4 will have some bugs.

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    got mine had no bugs at all knack is addicting

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I've bought mine for only $99, by means of social engineering. :)

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    imo, it's better to wait for any new consoles instead of getting them right away. Because they're new, so many issues are bound to occur with them. And plus, just like the playstations, PS2's, PS3's, and 360's it's probably going to have a "better" version of it (PS2/PS3 slims, new 360's etc.) eventually. Why waste the money on something that doesn't have many games and is bound to fuck up in a few months, when you can wait til most of those issues are dealt with, and more games come out? Not to mention a price drop.

    I would like to have a PS4, but not right now. We'll see what happens in Xmas 2014/sometime in 2015. Until then, I'll stick with my good ol' pal, the PS2 <33

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    Default Re: Who bought Playstation 4 ?

    I would have one by now, since my PS3 kicked the bucket at Christmas...but it isn't backwards compatible, so I ended up getting another PS3 instead. I'm quite annoyed with both Sony and Microsoft for not making their current generation consoles backwards compatible (again) to be honest, especially when neither console has anything even remotely interesting even announced for it yet. It's going to take them at least a couple of years before they can make the things worth buying.

    I'll probably get a PS4 around this time next year, though...announcements pending. I'd like to see a couple of JRPGs (not made by Square Enix, who have lost all credibility with me) pop up before I consider it...a price drop would be nice as well.


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